Project Description


Milja (Pinja Sanaksenaho) is listening to music on the bus when two young men (Veikko Aalste and Joel Hirvonen) sit down across from her. The two friends are feeling festive, and they start flirting with Milja and invite her to a party. Milja would not want to go, but does she have a choice? A Stop is a short film written and directed by Elli Toivoniemi, and it is part of the film anthology Force of Habit.

Directed and screenplay by: Elli Toivoniemi
Produced by: Elli Toivoniemi & Sanna Kultanen
Cinematography by: Päivi Kettunen F.S.C.
Production design by: Laura Haapakangas
Costume and make-up design by: Roosa Marttiini
Editing by: Anniina Kauttonen
Sound design by: Lotta Mäki
Original score by: Joona Samuel, Julius Valve


Milja: Pinja Sanaksenaho
Antti: Veikko Aalste
Mika: Joel Hirvonen

Country of production: Finland
Duration 6:58
Domestic content rating: 7

This short film project came into being when Kirsikka Saari and I stopped to think whether our society truly was as equal as we had always thought.

One of the most ingrained and common forms of harassment and control is the sexualisation of the bodies of women and young girls. In the film A Stop, I wanted to show how quietly and inconspicuously we accept sexist and insulting words, even harassment, directed at women and girls. In the film, the other travellers – neither men nor women – do not have the will or courage to intervene. Even though the victim is a child. I also wanted to show how men dominate public spaces. In harassment situations, girls and women are expected to be polite and not to hurt anyone, while we leave them to cope by themselves.

Elli Toivoniemi, director-writer

MWhat do you see differently after having seen the film? Share your insights!



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