Yksittäistapaus short films are a film sensation created collectively by fifteen filmmakers, artists, researchers and social influencers. Yksittäistapaus is a collection of short films, a feature film titled Force of Habit and a campaign linked to them, that reveal the hidden way power is exercised on women in both private life and in society. The short films are fiction but the scripts are derived from the writers’ own observations from real life. The films depict everyday moments that we have learnt to see as normal but that prove to be absurd under closer examination.

The objective of the campaign is to use the films to bring forth gender-based power dynamics and offer tools for processing and verbalising it. The free discussion material developed in cooperation with professionals helps anyone grasp the themes of the films. The Yksittäistapaus short films are available for viewing as of 26 January 2020.

Of the eleven stories of Yksittäistapaus, six were used as the basis for the feature film Force of Habit.

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