Project Description


After a house party, Emmi (Suvi Blick) goes to bed and is about to sleep when her old classmate Jani (Joonas Snellman) comes into her room and asks to stay the night. Emmi lets him sleep on her floor, but Jani doesn’t really plan on sleeping. Boudoir is written and directed by Reetta Aalto, and it is part of the film anthology Force of Habit.

Directed and screenplay by: Reetta Aalto
Produced by: Elli Toivoniemi & Sanna Kultanen
Cinematography by: Kerttu Hakkarainen
Production design by: Laura Haapakangas
Costume and make-up design by: Roosa Marttiini
Editing by: Ville Hakonen
Sound design by: Lotta Mäki


Emmi: Suvi Blick
Jani: Joonas Snellman

Country of production: Finland
Duration: 15:17
Domestic content rating: 12

The recent public debate has made it visible just how often women get harassed. But still some people ask where the limit between flirtation and harassment is. I wanted to approach this grey area: to show, moment by moment, how people can end up harassing others. And I wanted to do it so that both the victim and the harasser are – at least up to a point – identifiable.

Reetta Aalto, director-writer

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