Project Description


The young actor Emppu (Julia Lappalainen) is rehearsing the rape scene of a classic play in a reputable theatre. Although she feels uncomfortable with the scene, ambitious Emppu wants to be a professional and do her job well. Different professionals are already preparing the rape scene: dresses are being sewn, fake blood is being tested. It feels difficult to stop the machinery. Play Rape is written and directed by Anna Paavilainen, and it is part of the film anthology Force of Habit.

Directed and screenplay by: Anna Paavilainen
Produced by: Elli Toivoniemi
Cinematography by: Päivi Kettunen F.S.C.
Production design by: Laura Haapakangas & Tytti Tiri
Costume design by: Roosa Marttiini
Make-up design by: Kaisu Hölttä
Editing by: Anna Berg
Sound design by: Lotta Mäki


Emppu: Julia Lappalainen
Juha: Jussi Sorjanen
Päivi: Elina Knihtilä
Anja: Kati Outinen
Ville: Tommi Eronen

Country of production: Suomi
Duration: 19:01
Domestic content rating: K12

Does what we see have an effect on our experience of ourselves? What does it mean to say “just tell me if you feel bad” if nothing changes after that? How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to be loved by your community? What if sometimes you have the time of your life, and sometimes everything sucks? Can you change old habits?

Anna Paavilainen, director-writer

What do you see differently after having seen the film? Share your insights!



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