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When Eva (Tuuli Heinonen) lets loose and starts dancing at a company party, disapproving leers drive her away from the dance floor. To make matters worse, Eva’s new boss Kirsti (Wanda Dubiel) humiliates her in front of everyone. Eva realises she can’t just accept the situation and decides to return on the dance floor to own the room and dance away the shame. Shake! is written and directed by Sonya Lindfors and Aino Suni, and it is part of the film anthology Force of Habit.

Directed and screenplay: Sonya Lindfors & Aino Suni
Produced by: Elli Toivoniemi
Cinematography by: Kerttu Hakkarainen
Production design by: Sanna-Mari Pirkola
Costume design by: Roosa Marttiini
Make-up design by Kaisu Hölttä
Sound design by: Lotta Mäki
Editing by: Jussi Sandhu
Original score by: Niko Liinamaa


Eva: Tuuli Heinonen
Kirsti: Wanda Dubiel

Country of production: Suomi
Duration: 7:28
Domestic content rating: S

Shake! is a film about freedom. The freedom to be yourself and the courage to resist the demand for uniformity.

We live in a society where being different is punishable. Exclusion, bullying, and discrimination are cruel ways to guard the boundaries of normality. Gestures, looks, and hidden remarks constantly control our behaviour and existence. Already as a child, we learn to be ashamed of ourselves, to diminish and to censor ourselves. With repetition, the toxic atmosphere spreads and gets normalised – we start requiring others, too, to conform to the social norms. We use a massive amount of time and energy in trying to fit into these impossible moulds. The human body is a rebel; it is exactly the shape, colour, and size that it is.

Historically, the dance floor has offered a place for different kinds of people to meet each other just the way they are and to liberate themselves together. Shake! was created out of the need to make visible that moment when we let go and surrender to the movement that shakes up old structures. Suddenly the music pulls us in and the body starts moving almost by itself. The movement is unstoppable. When diving deeper into the feeling of freedom, all those looks and demands are forgotten. Dance brings us together and lifts as up in the air, all the way to pure pleasure. Enjoying your own body is the most radical freedom there is.

Aino Suni & Sonya Lindfors, director-writers

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